The Northern Cape SMME Trust is committed to producing high growth enterprises. Ensuring the institution is well capacitated from our senior management staff to our Board of Trustees.

We will continue to be innovative and
dynamic in our approach to support our
SMMEs to reach their growth and
developmental objectives. It is our vision
to develop Black Industrialists, who will
contribute positively to the livelihood of
our people in the Northern Cape.

Good Governance is fundamental to
the success of our institution which is
why we have made it a point that we
put systems and policies in place to
govern the Trust.

These systems make the Trust
more efficient to support SMMEs
and deliver on its mandate. On
behalf of the Board, we would like
to thank Trust management, who
steered the organization during
these difficult times, and mostly
thank our beneficiaries.

The Trust will focus on improving access
to finance initiatives, business support,
productivity improvement, and market
access to ensure business growth and
sustainability. Access to technology has
been identified as a game-changer for
SMMEs. Stakeholders have been
engaged to ensure we assist to provide
this to SMMEs.

Northern Cape SMME Trust is a multi-sectoral business incubation centre that provides incubated small businesses with a business incubation support programme in order to accelerate business growth and job creation.

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